Jupiter DiMedici 911RBS Flute by Altus

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Jupiter diMedici 911RB Artist Flute by Altus. Advanced Level Model. Open Hole, Sterling Silver Handcut Altus Headjoint, Silver Plated Body & Foot, B Foot, Inline G, White Gold Springs, French Pointed Key Arms.

This flute gets a lovely and uniquely colorful sounding tone. As is typical of Jupiter flutes, the keys have a very smooth and even action.

This flute was just serviced and sound great from top to bottom!

Comes with slimline French-style inner case and canvas outer case. Hole plugs available upon request.

Email JDMinstrumentsales@gmail.com or call 917-400-1658 with questions or to set up an appointment in or around Lawrenceville, NJ.
Online Buyers: I accept payment via PayPal only and will ship this flute USPS Priority for an additional $25 to locations within the continental US.  I will accept returns within 7 days of purchase for US sales. with instrument returned in the same condition it was sold in. Buyer pays shipping.  Please contact me for international shipping rates. No returns will be accepted on international sales.